Hypervault is a password manager for teams and companies

Who needs another password manager...

when you can keep all your sensitive data safe

Hypervault is a Sensitive Data and Password Manager. It helps teams and companies to structure, streamline and securely manage their credentials, in a very efficient way.

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From our beta users

“We have way more sensitive data to manage than just website passwords. Finally there’s a tool to store and manage those in a very well organized way.”

Stefan Schmitt
IT Manager

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“It became a nightmare to manage access rights across different teams in our organisation. Hypervaults’ simple and visual folder structure solves all that.”

Audrey Powell
Social Media Manager

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“Being able to share or retrieve passwords with team members or from people outside our organization in a secure way opens up many new opportunities.”

Maxime Regnier
Business Development

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Password manager workspace
For digital agencies, IT service providers, and many more...

More than managing passwords

You aim to keep any kind of sensitive data safe. Not just passwords. Hypervault provides templates for many different types of sensitive data allowing you to safely store and share all your company's credentials, keys, licences and device information.


  • Folders
  • Different data templates
  • Browser extension
  • Blazing fast search modules
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password manager for teams and companies
Made for teams

Focus on collaboration

Teams and organisations regularly juggle with sensitive data. Client password exchange, email configurations, server logins... This has to go fast and fluent, and we get that.

Hypervault is designed to organise and store all your sensitive data and credentials in workspaces. Enabling managers to quickly onboard new team members or share data with outsiders without losing an overview of usage and rights.


  • Workspaces
  • Create teams
  • Manage rights & permissions
  • Invite external users
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password manager security gdpr compliant
GDPR Compliant

EU Based

It’s crucial for European companies to have full ownership of their sensitive data and customers privacy.

We won’t compromise that.

Unlike market leaders, Hypervault’s servers are located in Europe, guaranteeing European businesses stay GDPR compliant.


  • GDPR
  • Servers in Europe
  • Highest encryption-standards
  • Security by Design
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From our beta users

“Moving everything to a new password manager is usually a pain you don’t want to get yourself into. With Hypervault importing everything went like a breeze.  Five stars right off the bat!”

Bert Vanhoof

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“There’s a lot more to come from these guys but boy they really nailed it with their data formats and the way everything is laid out.
Let’s see what else they have in store…”

Evgenia Alexeeva
Senior Developer

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“The ability to securely manage sensitive data on behalf of our customers is critical to our business. With Hypervault this becomes really easy while staying safe. Kudos with your launch!”

Jatin Patel
IT Dept.

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Founder's note

“Existing password managers offer team and business features as an afterthought to what was originally meant to be used by individuals. They were built for passwords only and organising and sharing them is cumbersome and counter-intuitive.”
That’s why we built Hypervault.
Built from the ground up for business users and enabling teams to securely store, organize and share any type of sensitive data. Not just passwords.
In the last year we’ve gathered useful feedback and data from a fantastic community of users who tested our concept. In less than 2 months we’ll be ready for public launch. Grab a front seat today and claim your lifetime discount by subscribing to our waitlist.”
password manager for teams founder
Glenn Van Croonenborch
CEO & Co-founder of Hypervault