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From passwords & client information to documents and technical data

The digital vault for business & teams.

Store and secure any type of sensitive data. Collaborate safely with your team or clients.

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Data templates
the key to structure your data

Basic standard templates to get you started,
or build your own templates to store your data the way you want.


Manage URL's, usernames, passwords. Add notes and tags.


Manage hosts, database names, passwords, connection options, ... Add notes and tags.

API Keys

Manage URL's, live & secret keys, ... Add notes and tags.


Manage types, models, serial numbers, date of reception, ... Add notes and tags.


Manage hosts, usernames, passwords and other FTP-settings. Add notes and tags.

email settings


Manage connection settings, usernames, passwords, .... Add notes and tags.

Software license

Manage license keys, versions, license holders, .... Add notes and tags.

Computer account

Manage devices, usernames, passwords, .... Add notes and tags.


Manage network names, security types, passwords, IP's, .... Add notes and tags.

More coming up

We're extending our data templates and making them smarter frequently.

For every company & industry.

Sensitive information and passwords can be tedious to manage in team. Hypervault has a solution for every niche.

it & it service providers


Secure and manage all your client's sensitive data in a structured way.

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digital vault for accountants


Secure your client's confidential data and documents, and share with your team.

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Hypervault password and sensitive data manager


You have more secrets than just passwords. Store and secure each of them.

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sensitive data manager for agencies


Manage all your client's sensitive data, not just passwords.

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password manager for freelancers


One safe place to manage all your and your client's credentials.

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IT & IT Service Providers


Secure and manage technical data from databases, FTP's, API, license keys...

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Run your business.
Stop worrying about your data.

Dedicated and safe. Storing and sharing. Structured and organised.



Use a single account to log in to different workspaces. Create or join different workspaces for each business or company you work for.

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Nest your folders up to 5 levels deep for maximum structure. Browse your folders and easily find your data.

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Data templates

Store all data in a homogenous and structured way. Data templates are pre-designed sets of fields for easier but orderly input. Think of email settings, devices, FTP, license keys, serial numbers... 

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Invite your colleagues and create teams. Assign folders to multiple people simultaneously, like assigning all sensitive data from a client to the "marketing" group.

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user types

User roles

Set different user roles and access rights and only share data with the right people.

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External users

Easily invite external users to access or retrieve sensitive data.

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Import passwords

Coming from 1Password, Dashlane or Lastpass? Use our handy import tool to migrate all your online passwords.

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Browser extension

Automatically save passwords, sign in to websites or generate new strong passwords.

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Hypervault remembers your past and most frequent searches and lists them first.

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Zero-knowledge and the strongest encryption standards.

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Password Generator

Generate strong passwords straight from your browser.

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Hypervault is Europe’s premier Sensitive Data Management solution.

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Access management

Instantly see the status of a team member through our handy Team page.

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Does the world need another password manager?

If you asked us the question: does the world need another password manager? Our answer to you would be no.

The world does not need another password manager.
Hypervault is a sensitive data and password manager for companies and teams