About us

Hypervault offers solutions that ensure teams can collaborate effortlessly through sensitive data & credential management.


Create a protected environment for businesses and organisations to manage their sensitive data.


Protect teams and organisations by developing the best and most effortless sensitive data & credential management solutions.

Our core values

We challenge for improvement

We may not be as big as the competition, but our ingenious and agile team keeps looking for what’s next, and that makes us a damn good challenger.

We put our users in control of their data

A transparent overview of data usage and dissemination is essential for team leaders, organisation managers & company owners. Hypervault puts users in control of their sensitive data by giving them a clear and real-time overview of what’s where.

Expertise by experience

Our background is deeply rooted in agencies and digital industries. This is where Hypervault’s roots lie. We keep our finger on the pulse of our clients and continue to search for new solutions within every niche user segment.