Let's partner-up!

Let’s partner up to raise security awareness or integrate Hypervault into work environments.


In the next few years, Hypervault will become the authority for saving sensitive company data in a secure way. The partner program is created so companies can raise awareness at their clients (and benefit at the same time).

Hypervault supports companies who put secure work in the spotlight. Become part of the growing Partner community.


Grow your company with recurring commissions of 15%
Dedicated support team to fully back you up
Extensive documentation
Hypervault Partner Program is free

For who

IT, Agencies, Managed Service Providers or anyone security related.

Set up Hypervault environment, so your client data is stored safely. Wether you manage credentials for them, yourself or if your client keeps it in its own hands, Hypervault has the tools to actively work together.


Spread the word of Hypervault and the importance of storing and sharing company data securely.


Integrate Hypervault in B2B-environments. Become a specialist on how to setup and use Hypervault.

Let’s shape the future

Hypervault is extremely community driven. You can become the eyes and ears to make our tools better. Actively suggest features or improvements so we can make sure - together - that Hypervault becomes a core solution for all your clients.

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