Best of both worlds

A safe and seamless workflow in one application? 

Meet Hypervault.

Hypervault lowers the barrier for companies to start implementing security and protecting assets. We do this by offering you a safe, reliable, and trusted environment to collaborate with your team.


Use multiple workspaces to manage different customers or businesses. Each workspace is a collection of users and vault items. Because sometimes you want to keep your data separate.

One safe place for all your data, passwords, documents, ...

We give the power to our customers to create and manage their own data templates. Stop being bound to unstructured secure notes. Gone are the days of chaos!

Discover them all:


Manage URL's, usernames, passwords. Add notes and tags.


Manage hosts, database names, passwords, connection options, ... Add notes and tags.

API Keys

Manage URL's, live & secret keys, ... Add notes and tags.


Manage types, models, serial numbers, date of reception, ... Add notes and tags.


Manage hosts, usernames, passwords and other FTP-settings. Add notes and tags.

email settings


Manage connection settings, usernames, passwords, .... Add notes and tags.

Software license

Manage license keys, versions, license holders, .... Add notes and tags.

Computer account

Manage devices, usernames, passwords, .... Add notes and tags.


Manage network names, security types, passwords, IP's, .... Add notes and tags.

More coming up

We're extending our data templates and making them smarter frequently.

Create your encrypted environment


Organize your data in a well-known environment with folders. Flexible and in een vertrouwde omgeving met mappen en submappen. Flexible and uncluttered.

Group related data and spend less time searching for information. 

Set permissions for each folder and make the appropriate data accessible for the right people.

Password manager

A digital vault can't miss a password manager. Keep all your credentials safely in your workspace.

Fast and easy log in on websites or online accounts thanks to the Hypervault browser extension for Chrome.

Our built-in password generator ill generate strong, unique passwords for all your accounts.


Invite your colleagues, group users and create teams.

Easily assign folders to teams and manage access rights.

Share correct information with the right users, even when working remotely.

User roles & permissions

Restricting access to data should be easy.

Pre-defined permissions get your team running in minutes, without compromising your data.

Get your clients on board and safely share or collect their sensitive data.

Organizing your work is one of the most important parts of making sure your work is successful.


Use one account to login to different workspaces. Create or join a different workspace for each business or company you work for.

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Goodbye clutter! Nest your folders up to 5 levels deep for maximum structure.

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data templates

Data templates

Data templates are pre-designed sets of field that for easier management. Think of email settings, devices, FTP, ...

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data templates

Custom Data templates new

Create your own data templates.

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Teams allow you to assign folders to multiple people at once, like assigning all sensitive data from a client to the "marketing" group.

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user types

User types

Each user can represent a different levels of involvement. Within Hypervault, you can set a role to meet these levels.

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Take a look at the way Hypervault has systems in place to boost you and your team's productivity.

new Fast onboarding

We improved our onboarding-flow, so managers can fluently set up their workspace without interuption.

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External users

Easily invite external users to access or retrieve a password.

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Coming from 1Password, Dashlane or Lastpass? Our handy import tool makes migration a breeze.

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Browser extension

Automatically save passwords, sign in to websites or generate a strong password.

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Hypervault remembers your past and most frequent searches and lists them first.

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Security is a topic of utmost importance in a digital world. But don't worry: security in all its aspects is in our core.


Zero-knowledge and the strongest encryption standards.

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Password Generator

Generate strong passwords straight from your browser.

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Hypervault is Europe’s premier Password & Sensitive Data Management solution.

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Access management

Instantly see the status of a team member through our handy Team page.

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Smooth Onboarding

Imports made easy

Coming from 1Password, Dashlane or Lastpass? Or everything stored in Excel or Google Sheets? No need to start from scratch. Our handy import tool makes onboarding a breeze.

Export to CSV. Import to Hypervault.

Whether your passwords are currently stored in Chrome, LastPass, Dashlane or 1Password, you should be able to export them into a .csv file. Our import tool takes it all.

Enhanced Productivity

Blazing Fast Search & Locate

Use lightning fast search as well as Tags and filters to locate any type of data super quickly.

Fast navigation

Together with the dashboard, the searchbar is the heart of the application. That’s where everything starts.

Smart search

Hypervault remembers your past and most frequent searches and lists them first.

Browser Extension

Sign up for a new account on a website and manage your data with the Chrome* browser extension.

Automatically save passwords and sign in to websites with just one click.
Manually add passwords of specific websites.​
Quick access to browse saved passwords.

* First version will be focussed on Chrome. Other browsers will be added soon.

password manager browser extension

Top Notch Security by Design

Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of key sensitive data whilst remaining legally compliant in every jurisdiction is our key mission.

Security by Design Architecture

Confidentiality and integrity are achieved via a security by design architecture following the highest security standards and making use of modern threat analysis, secure coding guidelines and next gen security encryption techniques.

Start protecting your company assets (before it's to costing you fortunes after a breach).

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