Password manager for teams and companies

The EU alternative for Lastpass Teams.

From passwords & client information to documents and technical data

Hypervault stores ALL your sensitive company data in a secure digital vault and lets you collaborate with your team.

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Step away from old-fashioned secure notes.
Store your data in dedicated fields.

Hypervault comes with standard templates to get you started,
but you can build your own templates with dedicated fields to store your data the way you want. And it's all instantly searchable.


Manage URL's, usernames, passwords. Add notes and tags.


Manage hosts, database names, passwords, connection options, ... Add notes and tags.

API Keys

Manage URL's, live & secret keys, ... Add notes and tags.


Manage types, models, serial numbers, date of reception, ... Add notes and tags.


Manage hosts, usernames, passwords and other FTP-settings. Add notes and tags.

email settings


Manage connection settings, usernames, passwords, .... Add notes and tags.

Software license

Manage license keys, versions, license holders, .... Add notes and tags.

Computer account

Manage devices, usernames, passwords, .... Add notes and tags.


Manage network names, security types, passwords, IP's, .... Add notes and tags.

More coming up

We're extending our data templates and making them smarter frequently.

Say goodbye to an overload of logo's on your dashboard

A clean interface, organized in a folder structure you set up and that's easy to maintain: by department, staff, clients, ...

Hypervault vs. Lastpass

Team focused collaboration
in stead of a personal vault with some team options.

You don't want to spend lots of time managing access for people or finding out who has access to what. Hypervault is made for teams from the ground up, so organizing your team only takes a couple of minutes!

create teams, invite members

Create teams, invite members

Group your users in teams. Create teams for every department in your company.

view and manage permissions

Share folders with members or teams

Instantly share and view the permissions for each folder. Change access easily.

manage your team

View and manage members

Assign users to a group for faster access management.

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Transfer your data from Lastpass in seconds

Switching from one tool to another isn't something you want to do frequently. Our import tool makes transferring data from Lastpass really easy.

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2 Factor Authentication
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Data sharing
Chrome Browser Extension
Strong SHA256 encryption
Zero-knowledge protocol

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