Security by Design

Hypervault is designed with the highest security standards in mind. We protect you from password vulnerabilities, data breaches and other threats, and we continuously work with external security experts to make sure our code is rock solid and your secrets are safe.

Hypervault features 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), military-grade 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge protocol.

AES-256 bit encryption

Hypervault uses AES-256 bit encryption.  This makes your data effectively impossible to decrypt. All your data is encrypted using your master password as a key and stored securely on your device. Your data is unencrypted only on your device, and only after you have entered your master password.

One Master Password

Your Master Password is never stored alongside your data or transmitted to our servers. Keeping your Master Password separate makes everything more secure. You’re the only person who knows your Master Password and therefor thee only person who can unlock your workspaces and access your information.

End-to-end encryption

Everything is always end-to-end encrypted. That way it becomes impossible for someone to see or learn anything by intercepting your data while in transit. Password data stored on our servers is secure even if a hacker gains access to it.

Zero-knowledge protocol

Zero-knowledge protocol is an exceptional method in cryptography that makes your files encrypted safely and only you have the key (your master password) to decrypt those files. Hypervault encrypts all your private data locally on your device, meaning no one within Hypervault can see or access any of your data.

End-to-end encryption

Time-based one-time password (TOTP) codes are a form of two-factor authentication (2FA) that add an important second layer of security for logins. Hypervault offers several two-factor authentication (2FA) options for both free and paid users. (For now only Google Authenticator, but there’s more to come... Stay tuned.)

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In the next few years, Hypervault will become the authority for saving sensitive company data in a secure way. The partner program is created for resellers and affiliates.

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