Discover all the improvements we do on the Hypervault application on this page.


File uploadsnew
1GB of storage for each workspacenew
Create your own data templatesnew
Add custom fields to existing data templatesnew
Attach files to data templatesnew
Simplified pricing plannew
Search across all fields (except sensitive data fields)new
GDPR: export personal datanew
Faster workspace selection during login IMPROVEMENT
Select & move multiple items in a folder at onceIMPROVEMENT
Create multiple folders and vault items quicklyIMPROVEMENT
Share folders with pending usersIMPROVEMENT
GDPR: Google fonts stored locally IMPROVEMENT
Various UX/UI updatesIMPROVEMENT
Bulk actions (select, delete, move) on vault itemsnew
Password generator in Browser extensionnew
Managers can now modify session timing of a workspacenew
Fix for session timebug
Tags: easier to deleteIMPROVEMENT
Quicklinks to add folders and itemsIMPROVEMENT
2FA can be set as optionalnew
Introduced the 2-week trialnew
No bugfixes in this releasebug
Onboarding: fewer screens for faster onboardingIMPROVEMENT
Favicons are automatically loaded when adding new itemsnew
No bugfixes in this releasebug
Web application: Session timing changed from 5 to 15 minutesIMPROVEMENT
Imports: Reduced validation for smoother csv-importsIMPROVEMENT
Chrome extension: Session timing changed from 15 minutes to 1 dayIMPROVEMENT
Clickable URL-field in data templates IMPROVEMENT
Password verification upon account creationIMPROVEMENT
Browser extension is live in Chrome store. new
No bugfixes in this releaseFIX
Imports: Added URL column in csv-upload. IMPROVEMENT
Beta launch