They won’t ask you for ‘that password’ again.

Give the right people access to the right data. A simple interface to set users rights and roles.

Protect your data

Get your team on the same page
with privileged access management

Don't be afraid to share the wrong sensitive data with your team, even if they work remote. Hypervault makes sure managing access isn't work-intensive. On the contrary: organizing your team only takes a couple of minutes!

create teams, invite members

Define folder access

Group your users in teams. Create teams for every department in your company.

view and manage permissions

View and manage permissions

Instantly see the permissions of a team for each folder and change access easily.

2-factor authentication

Verify your identity and your device with Google Authenticator.

Modify session time

Managers can now pick the time of a session (how long a user stays logged in to the workspace). Choose a duration of 15min, 1 hour, 12 hours or 1 day.

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