Working for and with your clients should feel like a breeze.

The business world is now dominated by technology and we can’t live without it. We all know that sensitive data are essential to keep our information secure but they can be tedious to manage.

Login credentials

Have all your usernames and passwords stored in one place.

FTP Accounts

Store remote hosts, various ftp-types, username and password, ...


Manage hosts, database names, passwords, connection options, ... Add notes and tags.

Email settings

Manage connection settings, usernames, passwords, .... Add notes and tags.

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Use one account to login to different workspaces. Create or join a different workspace for each business or company you work for.

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Goodbye clutter! Nest your folders up to 5 levels deep for maximum structure.

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Data templates

Data templates are pre-designed sets of field that for easier management. Think of email settings, devices, FTP, ...

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Invite clients

Easily invite your clients or other external users to access or retrieve a password.

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Coming from 1Password, Dashlane or Lastpass? Our handy import tool makes migration a breeze.

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Browser extension

Automatically save passwords, sign in to websites or generate a strong password.

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Hypervault remembers your past and most frequent searches and lists them first.

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Zero-knowledge and the strongest encryption standards.

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Password Generator

Generate strong passwords straight from your browser.

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Hypervault is Europe’s premier Password & Sensitive Data Management solution.

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