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Managing credentials and access for your staff or your clients can be time consuming. Discover how Hypervault can be the fix.

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Onboarding and maintaining staff should not be time-consuming.

When new members onboard in your company, the only thing you need to do is give them access to the right folder.

This folder can contain settings for their email address, the code for the alarm in the building, passwords for websites or the password for their device(s). Even better: upload work instructions and share sensitive documents.

Everyone will know where to search and find their data, so you get time free to focus on other important things. Forget questions like 'I forgot my password, can you please send it again?'

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Bring everyone together

Work smarter, as a team, inside your workspace. Share information with individuals or complete teams. Protect your data. Bring your clients in your vault for even better collaboration.

Data templates

Templates for all sorts of data: documents, files, online credentials, ... Or create your own set of templates to store, share and secure everything you want.

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The EU-alternative for your password manager.

Did you know that most password managers are based in the US?

Keep your data
in the EU. 
Hypervault is a privacy-focused company. No sensitive data leaves our borders.

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A modern layout
with focus on user experience

Our application is created on the latest technology, looking modern and fresh. Forget dull screens: working in Hypervault feels like a breeze.

Hypervault is also extremely easy in use, so easy you won't need us when onboarding. But don't worry, if you need us, we're there!

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Of course...
There is more!

  • Workspaces
  • Folders
  • Data templates
  • Teams
  • User roles
  • Invite clients
  • Imports
  • Browser extension
  • Fast and smart search
  • Encryption / Zero-knowledge
  • Password generator
  • GDPR compliant
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